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Updating the NUC9i9QNX to BIOS 0062 was insanely glitchy experience.

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So I figured I let DSA do the update since Intel makes the NUC, DAS and the BIOS, what could possibly go wrong.

Attempt #1 : reboot, frozen, needed to unplug to reboot

Attempt #2 : reboot into flashing white light, unit ignores holding down power button, again

Attempt #3 : reboot and instant 2nd reboot right to windows, no update performed

Attempt #4 : reboot, frozen, unplug again

Attempt #5 : success, at least it looked that way, BIOS at least showed that it was updated

Reboot #1 : unit powers on and then off, ignores power button

Boot #2 : boot to skull, power off, ignores power button

Boot #3 : boot and then power down, unit ignores power button

Boot #4 : boot to skull, power off, ignores power button

Boot #5 : friggin finally, windows boots and I am finally back to desktop

Going to try a reboot, fingers crossed.

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It looks like Intel mangling the 'K'ness and 'extreme'ness made NUC9i9QNX power panic WAYYYYY too easily after this BIOS update. If you have stuff plugged in while booting it often sees the power draw and just locks itself out until you pull the cord.

Instead of making a list of things that were disabled, Intel should make a list of things you can still modify. Its pretty much turbo duration best I can tell and that's about it.

In XTU on the core tab there are 13 setting and then the 8 cores. 15 settings are greyed out including the cores. The cache tab and onboard GFX tab have 14 total settings and all 14 are greyed out.

I guess I will now call this the NUC9-meh.


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Just to make sure, are you currently having problems with the Intel® NUC?

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Well, problems but problems that cannot be solved since the new BIOS eliminates almost all of the tuning functionality.


Reading another thread the lockdown on the BIOS seems to be in response to a potential security risk, I believe an undervolting exploit.

The only solution would be for Intel to provide 2 BIOS file, one with the lockdown and one with just the typical BIOS fixes and enhancements leaving the choice up to the user.

As things stands, there is no choice. If you update, you no longer have an 'extreme' device with loads of tuning options. Best I can tell all you can do is increase turbo duration and that is literally it.

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Based on my experience (20 years with Intel), that's *never* going to happen. Folks will load the unlocked one and then (still) blame Intel if the exploit is used against them. The block is only on undervolting; other K-level overclocking methodologies should still be in place (alas only with this Core i9 version). If you are seeing this BIOS block other things that were available with previous BIOS, then that's another story.


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I'll get some screen shots later, this updates un'K's the entire system. I have seen laptops that let you adjust more after this update.

There might also be a critical bug if you are using XMP and then install this update. Since XMP (and all other RAM) control is removed it is no longer possible to make manual changes if you upgrade RAM. The problem is that this BIOS update down NOT remove existing settings, only the ability to change them so if you are using XMP on one kit and change to another, you might be locked into an unbootable situation.