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Urgent Help needed - NUC10i7 restarts by itself after shutdown...

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after struggling to update the BIOS with ITSA to latest V0052 I did try - uncessfully - to run a BIOS recovery, also without success...but now, after a long day I did shut down my mashine and it restarts again by itself. Detach from power does not solve this. What the hack is gonig on here?



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Hi @MKemp4 

Reset BIOS to default settings:

1. During power ON, while you see the Intel NUC logo, repeatedly click on F2, in order to enter BIOS Settings.

2. While in BIOS, click on F9, confirm by Enter, to set BIOS to default settings.

3. Click on F10 (confirm), to save the default settings and exit to Windows.

4. Check to shutdown.





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first, success after setting BIOS to default setting via F9 - thanks for that (I also found a 2020 post advising the same...)

Second, as I mentioned, this issue came up after different approaches to update to BIOS V0052, all failed in so far as theNUC went silent/dark and needed to restart. Latest I did was "Power Button Menu BIOS Update" to V0052, which seemingly failed as well. Then the "restart at shutdown" issue came up and for whatever reason I started a BIOS update to V0052 by ITSA again and guess what - it went through. Then I did reset the BIOS to default and now I have V0052 and a prpoerly behaving system.

A thank you to Leon and this forum but being disappointed by Intel to roll-out such a mess...


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