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Use UEFI and Legacy boot on NUC 8i5BEK?




on my NUC 8i5BEK ​I've installed Windows 10 x64 with the UEFI Boot Mode active, and I'm searching for a way to switch between UEFI boot and legacy boot. Is this even possible at startup?


The UEFI Boot is active with one entry:

UEFI: Windows Boot Manager: Part 1: OS Bootloader


The Legacy Boot is also active with one entry:

Samsung SSD 970EVO 250GB: Part 0: Boot Drive


But the problem is if I try to boot from the legacy entry, the following message appears:


"Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key."


But this works in the beginning, I remember. But something must have changed in order to prevent the start in legacy mode now.


Any ideas how to use the Legacy Boot as well?


Thanks in Advance.

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Once you have an O/S installed in UEFI mode, you are not going to be able to boot it in Legacy mode. This simply is not supported (and no, you did not have this capability before).


As well, when you are talking about booting from an NVMe drive, UEFI is an absolute requirement; you simply cannot boot from an NVMe drive in Legacy mode.


Why do you think you need Legacy boot? You don't. There is no device that you could possibly use with a NUC that would require Legacy boot. The only environment that truly requires Legacy boot is DOS (MSDOS, PCDOS, FreeDOS, etc.). In this day and age, anything written for DOS that is of value should have been replaced with UEFI shell equivalents long ago.