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Using both mini displayports at the same time does not work

I have a nuc8i7hnk with three dell U2415 daisychained connected through one mini display port which works fine. If I remove one monitor from the chain and connect it to the other mini display port that monitor does not light up. I reviewed the input settings on the monitor. I disconnect the two daisychained monitors then the single monitor lights up (after reboot). Can both mini display ports be active at the same time?

_____Monitor____Monitor____Monitor Monitor___ ___Monitor___Monitor

/ \ /

__mdp___mdp_____ ___mdp_____mdp___

| N U C | Works | N U C | The single monitor does not light up

|________________| |__________________| The two daisychained monitors work

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Community Manager

Hello, louisg. Thank you for reaching the Intel Community.

Please find in the Technical Product Specifications of the Intel® NUC8i7HNK, page 10-20; the supported configurations for Daisy-Chain. Please note that Daisy-Chain is supported only through DisplayPort 1.2 with a DisplayPort 1.2 hub.


We do not recommend using any adapters/dongles to achieve the connection.

In the case that the issue persists, please provide us with a System Support Utility report and the type of cables used.


To attach a file, you must click the "Attach" option on the bottom right-hand corner of the response box.


Antony S.


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Community Manager

Hello, louisg,



Were you able to verify the information provided before?



If you still need any assistance, we will be glad to help you.



Wanner G.


Intel Customer Support Technician


Under Contract to Intel Corporation