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Using two 4K 60Hz screens on my Intel NUC7i7BNH


I do have a intel NUC7i7BNH and am using it with two LG27UK850W 4K screens that run in 60Hz. One is connected via HDMI to the NUC and the other one I have tried with HMDI via a converter to the TB3 port as well as with a USB-C TB3 cable. Both solution work BUT when the monitors go into power save mode it is Russian roulette of both screens will get back again. Most of the times only one screen comes up and to restore the second screen the only solution is to shutdown the PC or to hibernate it. This is really annoying! I have searched for a solution, but did not find one yet. I did read that even older versions of the NUC have this problem. I do hope there is a solution by now!

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Hi Ronald,


My apologies for the long delay in getting back to you, I have been looking at this case, we have tried to replicate this issue with no success and I finally decided to reopen previous case number 4367264 so that the local Intel Support Team will reach out to you to help you with this. It may involve product replacement and shipping of the affected unit for analysis and testing but they will guide you through the process.



Ronny G