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My question is I’m going to use a software called wipedrive I want to secure erase my Samsung ssd I tried Samsung magician but you need legacy but you have removed it so secure erase will not work because it doesn’t work on uefi what it is the usb doesn’t show in the boot menu but charged it to legacy it will show after rebooting and going back to the bios wipedrive as two options iso file and a exe the exe method I’m hoping this would work do you know if you might be adding legacy in the next update or could I downgrade to a version visual bios 0073 would this work
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No. There is absolutely no chance that you will see Legacy support come back. In fact, moving forward, you will see more and more units without Legacy support.

Intel introduced EFI way back in the mid-90's. In 2005, Intel released EFI to the industry. The Unified EFI Forum was formed and released the first UEFI specification. In 2006, the forum released V2 of the specification. Now, 15 years later, almost every system utilizes a BIOS built on top of the UEFI Core. Every O/S, including every Linux Distro, supports UEFI. There is simply no need for Legacy (CSM-based) Boot support to be used or even available. I would argue that any product that does not support UEFI is a product that is not being properly maintained (or flat out isn't being maintained) and should be avoided.

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