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Wake on Pattern Match is required for Nuc 11 Enthusiast to enter Modern Standby


I'm not certain whether this constitutes an abuse of this is my first and only post. In particular, I have already solved this issue but wanted to put it up in case others might find it useful:

Problem: Nuc 11 Enthusiast won't enter Modern Standby. LED indicators for Modern Standby are inconsistent, as if it enters modern standby for a couple of seconds, and then wakes itself back up, and then randomly continues that pattern with 99% of the time having the LEDS indicate the computer is awake. Expressed another way, when attempting to put the computer to sleep, the monitor turns off, but the LEDS continue to indicate the computer is awake, instead of flashing intermittently as configured in software studio.


Solution: When attempting to solve problems related to WoWLAN, I had disabled the "Wake on Pattern Match" property in the "Advanced" tab in the Wifi Adapter Configuration window. According to the following excerpt from an article on the microsoft website, this feature must be enabled for modern standby to work:

"Windows requires all networking devices in a modern standby platform to support pattern-match wake. This feature enables the network device to monitor the network connection for interesting packets (by comparing incoming packets to patterns stored in the device) while the SoC or chipset is powered off, and to wake the main processor on the SoC or chipset when a matching pattern is detected. This ability to offload Wi-Fi processing from the main processor is key to achieving low-power operation in modern standby. Before the platform enters modern standby and the Wi-Fi device transitions to the connected-sleep (D2 for SDIO; D3 for PCIe) mode, Windows sends the Wi-Fi miniport driver a collection of interesting patterns that the Wi-Fi device must watch for.

Pattern-match wake is the key enabling feature for modern standby. Pattern-match wake is enabled when the Wi-Fi device is in connected-sleep (D2/D3) mode. Before the Wi-Fi device enters this mode, Windows instructs the device to ignore all network packets except for those that match a specified set of patterns. Windows builds the matching patterns based on the services and applications (for example, push notifications and email) that are currently in use. Offloading pattern matching to the Wi-Fi device allows the rest of the hardware platform either to be turned off or to operate in a low-power mode. Meanwhile, the Wi-Fi device stays turned on, waiting for important incoming network traffic."

Re-enabling this feature fixed the above issue. Long story short: If you are experiencing trouble with Modern Standby (or your LEDS aren't appropriately transitioning to the way you have them configured in Software Studio, make certain your network adapters have "Wake on Pattern Match" enabled.

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Thank you, good information!


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Hello @ReedRealm

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.

I also want to thank you for taking the time to share this feedback on how you solved this problem. Hopefully, it may help other users experiencing similar issues. If you need any additional information, please submit a new question as this thread will no longer be monitored.


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