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Welche NUCs enthalten im BIOS noch die Option für den Legacy Boot (sprich CSM)? Wich NUCS do still have Legacy Option in BIOS? NUC8i3BEK?


Ich liebäugele mit dem NUC 8i3BEK. Laut Infomrationen zu den "NUC BIOS 4.0" ist zwar grundsätzlich im BIOS so etwas beschrieben, es steht aber auch ausdrücklich dabei, dass einige BIOS Optionen vom jeweiligen Modell abhängen. Deshalb meine Frage: hat der NUC 8i3BEK noch diese Legacy Optionen, wenn Nein, bis zu welcher NUC Generation war diese denn noch enthalten? Vielen Dank für Ihre Mühen!

I am looking for a Intel NUC8i3BEK but do not know if there is the Elgacy Boot Option still in BIOS (=CSM). If not, wich are the latest generation NUCs that provide this? Thank you in advance!

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As far as I know, support for Legacy boot (CSM) has only been removed from the JY (NUC7CJY and NUC7PJY) and HN (NUC8i7HN and NUC8i7HV) BIOSs so far. Moving forward, my understanding is that support for Legacy boot will not be included in any of the new NUCs.


What are you doing that makes you think that you need Legacy (CSM) support? There are no devices within, nor any devices that can be plugged into, any of the NUC models that would require the presence of the CSM in order to boot or operate. You really only need the CSM to support booting to DOS. All modern O/S releases (Linux and Windows both) support UEFI boot. Modern peripheral interfaces, such as NVMe, absolutely require UEFI. Bottom line, there is really no need to have Legacy boot support. If you are a user of DOS, then it is time you moved to the UEFI shell.




Hi, thank you so much. I am a longtime (since 1994) IBM OS/2 Warp User and managed to get it run nativ even on the Lenovo Thinkpad25 (after some modifications, like changing NVMe to SATA Drive SSD). As there is a CSM still is a must so far, I am glad to hear that it is working or still included in the NUC 8i3BEK. Once it will run you will see a video on my Youtube Channel Sigurdwarp. Thanks again!