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What do I do when I cannot see onboard video?


I have an Intel® Desktop Board D915GVWB in my system. The problem is the onboard video is not working, the monitor's LED is yellow instead of green, I cannot even see POST details when computer boots up. However, everything else works, I can boot up the machine, hear the sound and even shutdown by using CTRL-ESC U Enter. I tried disconnecting everything, unplugging the motherboard, re-fixing it, changing the CMOS battery, and everything else, but my situation is still "groping in the dark".

Would be immensely thankful if someone can offer suggestions.

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Hi Mark,

First make sure that all the components integrated are compatible with your motherboard, no display can be caused due to various reasons that includes, incompatible RAM, processor. You might want to plug out a RAM chip and try booting up the computer.

One easy way to resolve the no-display issue is, reseting your BIOS jumper. Here's what you do;

Shutdown your computer, unplug any power source to your PSU.

Change BIOS jumper settings on your motherboard from DEFAULT to RECOVERY.

Power up your computer and let it boot.

After 2 to 3 minutes when you think that the computer might have gone through post-BIOS process, shutdown your computer and unplug any power source to PSU.

Reset the jumper from RECOVERY back to DEFAULT on your motherboard.

Now power up your computer.

This should work, otherwise try the RAM. If both these don't work, get back to us and we will further isolate your issue and get it fixed in no time. Also specify the following:

RAM: How many chips are installed (specify individual chip capacity) and what model?

Processor: Model

GPU: If you have installed an external graphics card and not using on-board video, what model?

Moreover do visit the following URLs for a direct support on your motherboard and it's related issues: D915GVWB Support Website D915GVWB System Boot Issues D915GVWB:Troubleshooting Video Issues


Warm Regards,

Javed Lodhi

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Mike (Open Port Community Manager)

Hello Mark -

Thank you Javed for a solid reply. Another thought is that the issue may be with the monitor. The Intel® desktop board D915DVWB provides a VGA connector for onboard graphics. If the monitor has another input, such as DVI or HDMI, there is likely a means of selecting the correct input.

Are you hearing beep codes while booting? If so, refer to the product guide PDF for troubleshooting details.

Casey H.


Intel Customer Support


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I'm also VERY interested in the answer to the same video problem - except my NEW board is a DG45ID. No video shows up at all - not even the POST screens. I'm using the on-board DVI output and sending it via a DVI-HDMI cable to my 32" monitor using its HDMI1 or HDMI2 video inputs (it doesn't have a VGA input - nor do I have a DVI-VGA cable). No video.

The computer beeps once (like it has finished the POST and is ready to boot), the HD accesses briefly (like it's reading the HD"s boot sector), the system is quiet for 30-45 seconds (like it's waiting for a response to the "system crashed last time" boot option screen), then the HD begins to chatter and will continue to chatter for 3-5 minutes (haven't actually timed it), then it gets quiet - no HD activity - like it has finished booting and initializing and is waiting idly for further instructions. Still, I have NO video whatsoever.

Somewhere on Intel's site, I read a brief blurb about analog video going out the DVI port. Is that what I'm dealing with? My monitor's HDMI inputs are obviously looking for digital input. If they don't see a digital signal, they are going to display the "No Signal" message on my screen (which is all I get to see).