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What's the maximum RAM limit for AWRDACPI board?


Hi - I've looked everywhere on here (and other sites) and cannot find anywhere that gives the RAM limit supported on an Intel AWRDACPI Motherboard. I'm about to install Windows 7 64bit so would like to know how much RAM I can upgrade to.


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Hi there,

This model that you specified AWRDACPI, is not the correct model of the motherboard. It could also be a components/module found on other non-intel motherboards or it could also be an OEM based motherboard.

I would suggest you to check for the correct model of your motherboard and contact the manufacturer to get the information you require. This specific component/chipset or module can be found on different manufacturers motherboard such as nvidia, gigabyte. foxconn and others. It would be better to check for the correct model as without a specific model we cannot guide you to the correct drivers or hardware support for this model.

FYI: this AWRDACPI may be found on some quite older motherboards and I would assume the max memory will be between 2GB and 4GB, but I don't know yet if you will find even the beta Windows 7 drivers as none have been validated yet and even on these older board, it will take even longer for the windows 7 drivers to be validated and become available.

Hope this will be useful.