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When I Press the power on button on NUC, it doesn't do anything. Have to press hard, keep pressing it or sometimes repeat it multiple times for NUC to power on. Can i do something about it or do i have to take it to service center.

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  1. What is the model of your NUC?
  2. Is it still under warranty? NUC is covered with 3 years international warranty.
  3. I got similar problem on NUC6i5SYH. Probably the Power Switch is wrong quality or is not suitable for low current switching. The switch contacts were contaminated. I've disassembled the board and sprayed on the switch contacts cleaning solvent (Servisol). The problem disappeared for now and the switch works.
  4. Any way if your NUC is still under warranty, you may ask for RMA to replace this NUC or if it is new, you may try to replace it by your supplier.
  5. You may fill a form (here:, but it is best to contact Intel Customer Support using phone. Use the links below to find the closest phone number for your country:






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I have also seen a case where the board was not screwed down into the chassis properly. I realized this when I looked closely at the NUC and saw that the USB, etc. connectors were not properly aligned with the openings in the chassis. After completely removing the board and then reinstalling it back into the chassis, the alignment was correct and the problem with the power switch was resolved. Now, this only applies to the older NUCs that have the mechanical power button on the top of the chassis that, in turn, presses the electrical button on the board. As Leon indicated, the SY NUCs were the last that had the button on the top.


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