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Which Intel Downloadcenter drivers have to be installed to a NUC (Hades Canyon owner)?

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Recently got Hades Canyon NUC8i7HVK which is a great little PC. It's my third NUC actually and yet I find myself still unsure of which drivers in Intel Downloadcenter are obligatory or preferred.


I mean it's obvious I need the following drivers (or updates)...


* LED Manager

*Gigabit Ethernet

*Intel HD Graphics

* Radeon RX Vega



*Realtek HiDef Audio


I've also installed the following...

*USB Type C Power Delivery

*Intel Chipset

*Thunderbolt Bus Driver

* Intel Management Engine (not sure what this does exactly)


Going through the Downloadcenter list, the only drivers that are left that I haven't installed are...

*Intel Rapid Storage RAID

* ITE Tech Infrared CIR

* Intel Serial IO

* Intel Software Guard Extensions

*Babyhub Tech Card

*Intel Board ID

*Intel Display Optimizer


Can someone tell me if I need to install those drivers? I did use the Intel Driver & Support Assistant which tells me everything is up-to-date.

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I would suggest to install :

Intel Serial IO (controls GIO)

Babyhub Tech Card (in order to be able use the SD card slot)






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I agree with Leon; you need to install both of these. Additional comments:


  • You only need Intel Rapid Storage (RST) if you want to use RAID or Optane (of course, Optane isn't in the picture for this NUC model; just being complete).
  • You only need CIR (Consumer I/R) support if you would like to use an I/R remote to control software like Kodi.
  • Intel Board Id is just a tool to display information about the board utilized.
  • I haven't identified a value proposition for Intel Software Guard Extensions as yet.
  • I have installed Intel Display Optimizer on my NUCs connected to 4K TVs, but haven't really seen any benefit from doing so.


Hope this helps,


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Thank you for advice! Installed Babyhub Tech Card and Intel Serial IO to be safe. Decided not to install the other software (not using CIR with this setup so don't need the driver).

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