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Which NUC to purchase for 4K video hardware decode/encode using OpenCV ?


I currently am using Intel NUC 8i5 BEK with Ubuntu and C++ with 4K IP camera connected via RTSP.  It is working, and I am using OpenCV with Gstreamer VAAPI, but I need more CPU processing speed, as my frames-per-second rate is not fast enough when running all my frame processing to detect motion and bounding-boxes etc.  

I want to make sure that my program is using the Intel NUC built-in hardware h.264 decoder and encoder (using OpenVINO), and have enough CPU speed to do lots of OpenCV frame processing and do it fast enough before the next video frame arrives.

Since my 8i5 is several years old, which newer model would provide like 2x or 3x performance CPU speed increase for typical OpenCV C++ programs?

THANK YOU so much for your help and suggestions!


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Hello @BirdingPix

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We noticed that our team has provided you with assistance in another thread describing the same inquiry/request and the same hardware/software environment as this one, thus, to avoid duplication of efforts, we will close this thread.

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