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Which Temperature should NUC8i3BEH Processors reach during a complete scan with Windows Defender from Windows 10? Help!


My Processor i3-8109U goes up to 100°C for core 0. I got already help to update everything and posted my heat issues here i38109u getting heat issues core 0 reaches 100 c - Intel® Community Forum .


I´d like to know though if any user of this NUC model monitors his/her PC Temperatures and can give me a rough value to what its supossed to be normal. It happens to me after a few minutes running a full scan in Windows Defender and I used Core Temp and HWInfo64 for the monitoring.


Everything updated according to Intel Driver Assistant.


My PC:

NUC8i3BEH, 16 Gb RAM, M.2 860 Samsung EVO

Windows 10 1903


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