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Why I am getting Troubleshooting Issues on my Intel NUC Graphics?




I am experiencing certain graphics issues like troubleshooting in my Intel NUC Graphics.


I updated the BIOS version and Intel HD Graphics driver but still did not get any success on troubleshooting issues.


I read one of your articles in which you discussed intel troubleshooting like Flickering display and 4k display error.


But I have no idea what to do about my issue as I have little to no knowledge and I want to get rid of this issue.


I am currently working as the Manager and Service Provider at tilers Perth company where all the computers have your processor and they are working very well.


I loved your services and want to express my gratitude for your services but I have to solve this small issue before.


I hope you are reading this query.


Please reply as soon as possible and thanks for all the efforts you make to answering my question.


Thanks again!

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You are giving links to your "company" that are unnecessary to solve your problem, however no information about you NUC and what is the problem? For me it is looks as a spam.





Ok then i will remove my link if it looking a spam to you. but please answer if it possible to you


Edit - I remove my company link.

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  1. You should use High Speed HDMI cable. This may be an example. Low quality cable may cause display 4k flickering.
  2. You did not provided any information about your NUC. If the 4K cable will not solve your problem, please download Intel System Support Utility (SSU). Run the SSU scan and save the results. The file with the results please attach to your post (use "paperclip")



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Use these steps from the latest Graphics driver download page:


  1. Verify you're on a supported Processor generation and OS version
  2. Disconnect the internet connection so Windows Update won't automatically reinstall a previous OEM driver.
    1. Open Device Manager > Display Adapters > right-click [Intel Graphics] > Uninstall Device. Important: Check-mark "delete the driver software for this device"
    2. Right-click anywhere in device manager > select Scan for Hardware Changes. Note: Many older versions can be stored on the system to roll back to.
  3. If another Intel Graphics is reinstalled, repeat 3 & 4 until Microsoft Basic Display Adapter is shown, not the Intel driver.
  4. Reboot
  5. Install 100.8141
  6. Reboot and reconnect internet
  7. Verify 100.8141 is installed in Device Manager
  8. Run Windows Update in case there are OEM customizations to reinstall.


Here is the link to the latest Gfx driver for most 6th Gen or later processors.