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Wifi not working on NUC7i7BNH with Ubuntu 16.04


Hi, I have installed Ubuntu16.04 on Intel NUC NUC7i7BNH.

However, it is not able to connect to Wifi. Can you please let me know if there is any driver that needs to be installed with the NUC on Ubuntu 16.04.

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Hello, deeps. Thank you very much for taking the time to reach the Intel Communities Team. I will do my best to assist you further.



First of all, allow me to share with you that this Operating System is not supported by your NUC ( Supported Operating Systems for Intel® NUC Products), therefore, we do not have drivers for this specific OS. The UBUNTU* 16.04 should install wireless drivers on your system by default; if these were correctly installed and the issue persists, please get in touch with the support team of this version of Linux*. Additionally, you can find wireless drivers as well on


Before you install the wireless drivers you can complete a BIOS update. Click here to download the .bio file of the 0063 version and follow this guide to complete the installation.





Antony S.

Hi deeps,

I have been running Ubuntu 16.04 since July 2017 and I never had any problems with Wifi. You can see my post at the following link /message/490368# 490368 490368

I would recommend you to install the Ubuntu HWE.

sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-hwe-16.04 xserver-xorg-hwe-16.04

This will upgrade your kernel and xorg stack.

Best wishes, VS