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Wifi speed is very low and unstable

Dear team,
I am using NUC11PAHi5. From the beginning itself, I phase a problem with wifi connectivity issues. I have upgrades the wifi driver and bios many times, now also I phase the same issue. Even if it is connected, the speed is very low. Here in mobile same wifi connection speed is 5.1Mbps as an average but in NUC it is just 150kbps. It is not usable.
This problem happened only for my home wifi router, if connect with mobile hotspot it is working fine.
Please do the need full.
Configuration of Wifi in NUC
I checked below options and all these configuration have same issue
3. 2.4GHz 802 11b
4. 2.4GHz 802 11b/g
6. dual band 802 11 a/b/g

Network properties shows that
Protocol Wifi 4 802.11n
Band 2.4GHz
Network channel 3
Wifi driver version:
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Have you checked to ensure that you do not have a disconnected antenna wire? The TPS document for this NUC (available here) will help you locate where these antenna connections are.

What are the capabilities of the router that you are using? I would hope that you are able to use Wireless-AC mode and the 5GHz band whenever possible.


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