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Windows 11 compatibility and security? Intel NUC Extreme 6i7kyk.

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I'm getting socially deprived from looking up answers. I completely understand the minimum requirements. But, it just says that my system doesn't meet this minimum. I'm confused why. More important is the three best things I can describe. I'm only putting the os in the virtual container. On a server host. It's different from hyper-v module. I'm sure you understand.

The only thing I have a perfect problem is the video card requirements. But, I ignore it because it just wants Directx 12.

I only have 11.

So it must be the problem?

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One more thing I want to mention. Is the TPM requirements. Of course I want to talk about it. I noticed some guy on the train to work a few days ago couldn't get past the BitLocker screen on his laptop.

I'm sure that person has no idea what the bit key may be. But, I have a question if the TPM key is somehow expressible? If I delete the TPM key. Will it lock out the drive forever? Because that doesn't make sense to me. And I read answers like that before. I ask because I know that I can use any computer to unlock a BitLocker drive. As portable. The only condition I have for conflict is again my desktop. I gave it away. So I don't have a clue why the USB key was directed to BIOS security.

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Your NUC6i7kyk has a i7-6770hq processor.


The i7-6770hq is not supported by Windows 11:

In fact, there are no 6th gen processors supported by Windows 11.


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[Windows 11 is the new Vista]


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Anything that can run Windows 10 with full drivers support can run Windows 11 with full drivers support.


If you do not meet the full Windows 11 support requirements various Windows 11 exclusive features might not work and you wont have any official support. The big issue with this is that if a Windows 11 update breaks compatibility with your unsupported system, there will be no fix created for you.


IMO there is no problem at all forcing Windows 11 onto an unsupported system if that system is just for fun and reinstalling Windows is not a big issue.


On production systems, just stick with supported operating systems.


FYI, I have Windows 11 running happily on a Core2 Duo system but that system is literally just for testing compatibility with ancient hardware. If something goes wrong that is kind of the point of that system.