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Windows update drivers yes or not?

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Hi all!

Having regard to the problems encountered with some drivers, in my case probably due to a driver installed automatically by Windows Update, do you think it is a good thing to disable the auto-installation of Windows drivers as to use only drivers downloaded from the Intel website?



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Interesting question.   I manage all of my driver installation and never let Windows do it for me.   I also never use IDSA.

My preference is to support myself.  I wish I did not have to.  However, with the problems seen of late, both from Windows and IDSA, I cannot recommend letting them do driver installation.   Also, I would never use a third party driver install site.


How is that for a non-answer?


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[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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Well, two negations make a statement, right? Maybe two identical non-answers are a true answer


I've always done everything myself, starting from programming the Commodore 64 in basic, after using self-made batch menus in MS-DoS.

But after Win XP I cheated windows for 15 years with MAC OsX, to return after more desperation time to NUC10 and Win 10.

In this Win10/Win11 transition times  I saw that Intel trusts windows and I wanted to trust both, also because windows update has driver versions later than those downloadable from the Intel website.


But I think like you and that's why I opened this thread



[My NUC was born with windows 10 and will die with windows 10]


My biggest issue is when doing a "clean" install of Windows (10 or now 11).  I know at the very minimum, you need to do the Chipset install and then see in Device Manager how many more drivers you need to "fix" for any more unrecognized items.  Between Windows Updates, Intel drivers and IDSA, it seems very confusing.  ie. Driver versions, etc.?  I just want a stable OS.  Intel, at least, does give some direction but some of these "off brand" Mini PCs give very little help.  Any direction from Intel would be greatly appreciated.  BTW, I just purchased a NUC11PAHi5, so any direction for this model would also be greatly appreciated.