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Wrong Nuc10 bios update suggested by intel driver assistant for Nuc11


I bought new NUC11i5PAH & move my harddrive from NUC10 to the NUC11.

Windows 10 Pro version 20H2

Did not install windows again clean just moved my drive.

Windows boot OK.

Intel driver assistant detect my computer is NUC11.
But showing wrong bios update suggestion for NUC10.

I first didn't realise this & tried to execute the bios update using the EXE ezeupdater.
I restarted as it instructed & nothing happened.
Then I tried manual installation & Intel bios gave warning "mismatch wrong bios version not compatible"

Then I realise why this mistake happen because of driver assistant sending me to wrong driver page.

So then I updated to the REAL Nuc11 bios update PATGL357.0039

After this computer became unstable. Windows crash 2minutes after login.


I return the NUC to supplier & get a new NUC11.

I move my drive again & don't update BIOS this time.
Now using the computer 10 minutes no crash or problem so far.

So I think

1. There is issue with the BIOS update PATGL357.0039 making windows 10 unstable.

2. How can I fix the wrong advice drivers from intel driver assistant?
Where is it detecting that I am need the NUC10 drivers?

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You should not be moving a NUC 10 windows 10 installed drive to a NUC 11.  You might get away with it, sometimes, but you will have issues.

Personally, I would do a fresh install and be rid of the issue.  Yes, you can install the chipset inf and manually install the proper bios, but let's do it correctly and avoid these issues.

Just an opinion from someone who has moved a number of installs and seen the errors.

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)


Understand that although fresh installation / restore would take about 50 hours to customize which I can't afford if avoidable.

I upgraded Nuc8 to 10 without major issue (same installation of windows).

So far this 2nd nuc11 box (without the bios update) is working OK after 30 minutes in windows now.

So I think it's important to advise the intel support there maybe is an issue of stability with the latest bios update. - 24/2/2021

Also it's strange I didn't see the wrong driver recommendations when upgraded the nuc8 to 10.

I tried uninstall/reinstall Intel driver support assistant but still see the bios of nuc10 suggested.

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"would take about 50 hours to customize which I can't afford"

Sorry, but I have heard it all before.

To me, you can sit back and hope you have no problems, or you can relax and enjoy knowing you have done a proper clean install.

There may be an issue with IDSA.  However, it is a bad practice to simply move a drive from one platform to another.  There are backup utilities that will allow you to restore to a different platform.

Also, watch out for network problems using your process of simply moving a drive.  It will [eventually] get you.

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)


I've been working on computers for 20 years.
Believe me: I understand everything you're saying and thinking.

Regardless of that a quick update. Since I posted this thread 1 day later the bios update recommendation on intel driver support changed to the correct one (nuc11).

However I still don't trust the update not to corrupt the computer/windows so I won't update it until I hear more users confirm it works / intel responds.

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20 years is a long time.   I hit the 20-year mark back in 1992.  So, take my advice and do a clean install. 

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)


Hello fatjoezz


Thank you for posting on the Intel️® communities. 


We've seen issues in the past when a drive is just moved from one device to the other, it's a good practice to reinstall the OS every time you upgrade your NUC. It might temporarily work without it but most likely you'll see some issues in the future.

We recommend that you do a clean install, and re-install all drivers/software for a fresh start.



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Were you able to check the previous post?  

Let us know if you still need assistance.   


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Frankly, BIOS 0039 is problematic. I found an issue with this BIOS update.

If you update using .cap BIOS file or .EXE BIOS update in Windows, after the update complete, you will have a frequent  bluescreen in Windows 10 with error code of WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR.

To solve this issue, you need to perform BIOS recovery process again in order to fix this problem.

I had proven my solution on 6 units of NUC11PAHi5.

Any body facing the same issue ?


I had the same thing. I updated the bios to 0039 and afterwards windows would crash EVERY TIME 2 minutes after booting.

I could not do bios recovery because intel does not share the factory BIOS file (0035) only 0037 & 0039.

I returned the nuc & got new one factory bios 0035 & did not update it.

Intel should remove bios 0039


I would like to highlight, after updated to BIOS 0039, you had to perform BIOS recovery process with BIOS 0039 again, so that you NUC will be problem-free.


If you don't update the BIOS to 0039, Windows Update will force your computer to do it automatically.


I don't have automatic updates on in windows 10.

Also windows 10 will not force you to update the bios. It cannot & does not do that which is good because that's very dangerous.

I don't think I've ever seen it offer to update the bios via windows update but I have seen it offer driver updates.


Regardless I think bios 0039 has issues.

I dont know if running a recovery of 0039 makes windows stable again but I'm not going to try it