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Yet Even Another NUC11PAHi7 with Sleep, Fan, and Wake issues


Hello Everyone,

  I recently received my new NUC11PAHi7 a few days ago and I am having the same issues that many other NUC11 users seem to be having. My main issues are the fan not turning off during sleep and the unit getting hot while doing this. It wont wake up when this happens and the power button doesn't shut it off. I have to unplug the unit. It doesn't happen every time probably every 3rd or 4th sleep event.

The minor issues are the CEC is disabled but it keeps waking up my Onkyo stereo receiver. It happens about every 3rd or 4th boot. Is this a coincidence between the 2?

Window 10 Pro 21h2

Bios 0043

all of the latest updates and drivers including Bios and Graphics.

I have tried all of the methods that I have researched on the subject but none of them seem to help.

I changed from Modern Standy to S3 (legacy is what the SSU sheet calls it)

Heres the basic info..............

# SSU Scan Information
Scan Info:

# Scanned Hardware
BaseBoard Manufacturer:"Intel Corporation"
BIOS Mode:"Legacy"
BIOS Version/Date:"Intel Corp. PATGL357.0043.2022.0221.1106 , 02/21/2022 12:00 AM"
CD or DVD:"Not Available"
Embedded Controller Version:"3.4"
Platform Role:"Desktop"
Processor:"11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1165G7 @ 2.80GHz , GenuineIntel"
Secure Boot State:"On"
SMBIOS Version:"3.3"
Sound Card:"Intel® Smart Sound Technology for USB Audio"
Sound Card:"Realtek High Definition Audio"
System Manufacturer:"Intel(R) Client Systems"
System Model:"NUC11PAHi7"
System SKU:"RNUC11PAHi7000"

The Drive is a Team Group 512GB SSD

Memory is Team Group 16 GB 3200

The computer is fantastic and I love it. I just cant walk away from it and let it go to sleep or

put to sleep with the power button. I'm afraid it would burn up or possibly something worse.

I haven't seen to many posts (much past early 2022 ) so I'm hoping that maybe there is a fix or work around that I haven't discovered yet. I'm really hoping that Intel comes up with a Bios fix. It appears that they are trying and released the new 0043 but it doesn't seem to have fixed this issue. 

Any help at all would be most appreciated. Thanks

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New Contributor I

Thanks for link HeinLe,

I guess we are all on hold for a new Bios. Mine is brand new and I have been thinking about sending it back but I may wait a few days to see what happens. There seems to be many issues going on at the same time so it might take a while for them to sort it all out.

Thanks again for the reply. I'll be watching your post too to see if there is any progress on your end.


Same problem here, I don't have much time left to return so I am hoping they release something soon


    Mine did two new things yesterday while I was messing with it. I put it back to Modern Standby and reset the Bios to default. When I put it to sleep the first time it did work but when I woke it up the power led kept flashing as if it were still sleeping. I went to the utility tools and reset the led but it continued to blink. I turned the led off and it did go off. When I turned the led on it came back on but was still blinking. I performed a restart and it worked as usual. Then when I performed a shut down   it wouldn't shut down. It acted the same as it did in a bad sleep mode with the fan still running and I had to hold the power button down for 5 or 6 seconds. Then I couldnt get it to boot back up. When I pushed the power button the power led would flash one time and then nothing. After a few seconds I tried again but it flashed just one time and wouldnt boot. I left for about a half hour and the tried it again. It booted right up.

     I'm not going to mess with it anymore. I dont want to lock myself out of it. I can wait a couple more days and then I'll have to send it back if there is not a fix. It's a shame. I really do like the performance of this NUC. I don't know what I would replace it with yet. I dont want a laptop or a tower. I really like this little guy.