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any one can help with the NUC7I7BNB BIOS update?

because the Intel Smart Sound Technology (Intel SST) OED issue ,need update BIOS( Device Manager Code 10 Error on Intel® Smart Sound Technology )

but can not find the BNKBLi35 bios version on the intel website .

NUC model was NUC7I7BNB ,use the similar Model NUC7I7BNH's BIOS (BNKBL357) can not flashed currently .

any other solutions???

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Web page for downloading BIOS and driver updates for your NUC is here: Downloads for Intel® NUC Kit NUC7i7BNH. The latest BIOS release (BN0062) can be downloaded from here: Download BIOS Update [BNKBL357.86A].

First of all, I do not recommend using the Express BIOS Update capability (the Windows EB.EXE file) for BIOS update. This tool has a number of issues and has been known to brick PCs, so don't use it. Instead, do the following:

  1. If you haven't done this before, you should reformat your USB flash disk, on a Windows-based PC (do not use Linux- or MAXOS-based PCs!), using the FAT32 file system, with the Quick format option disabled.
  2. Download the .BIO file (latest being BN0062.BIO) and place it onto the USB flash disk.
  3. Power off your NUC.
  4. Insert the USB flash disk into one of the blue USB 3.0 ports on the NUC.
  5. Power on the NUC.
  6. When the splash screen appears, hit F7 to indicate you want to update the BIOS.
  7. Using the dialog presented, browse to the .BIO file and select it.
  8. The NUC should reboot and proceed with the BIOS update.

If you cannot update the BIOS using this process, follow this jumper-based BIOS Recovery process:

  1. Open the bottom of your NUC and remove the yellow BIOS Configuration/Lock Jumper.
  2. Insert the USB flash disk into one of the blue USB 3.0 ports on the NUC.
  3. Power on the NUC.
  4. If prompted for permission, tell it to proceed with the BIOS Recovery.
  5. The NUC should automatically find the .BIO file and proceed to install it.
  6. When prompted, power off NUC.
  7. Restore yellow BIOS Configuration/Lock jumper to pins 1-2 of the header.
  8. Unplug USB flash disk.
  9. Restore bottom cover.

Hope this helps,



The BIOS version was BNKBLi35.86A not BNKBL357.86A

I can't find any matched BIO file in website.

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Did it actually tell you this or are you making an assumption?