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bios update


I installed all the driver updates found by the Intel scan page.  There were 4 of them plus the BIOS update  [BNKBL357] ( shows up after the scan. I have an  Intel NUC with Optain NUC7i7BNB,   around 5 years old.  I installed 4, and rebooted the machine. The only one left is the BIOS update.

I am afraid to click it because of all the nightmare stories I heard over the years.  Different youtubers say to find the correct update and download it to a thumb drive etc.  I guess I thought it was more complicated.   Is it that easy?  Can I just click INSTALL from the Intel website scan page and be done with it?

Thank You,

Glenn Norgren

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Facen, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support.

In reference to your questions, Is it that easy? Can he just click INSTALL from the Intel website scan page and be done with it? Yes, it is that easy. Actually, there are different methods to do the BIOS update that you will be able to verify in the link below, the latest BIOS version for the Intel® NUC Board NUC7i7BNB is 0085 and any of those methods should work with no problems:

Here you have the files that are needed depending on the method you choose:

Now, it is important to mention that the BIOS update and the BIOS versions are released in order to fix problems, it does not necessarily mean that you have to install it, especially if the Intel® NUC is not showing any problems at all.

Any questions, please let me know.


Albert R.

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Hi @Facen 

Albert is correct saying that BIOS version are release in order to fix problems. But not only for that. In some BIOS versions, the processor microcode is updated and code is updated for security fixes (see the BN_0085_ReleaseNotes.pdf). In my opinion it is important to have updated BIOS even if you don't see problems in order to avoid problems.



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If after the bios update can't boot because the NUC can't find a bootable device because its looking to the network for boot information, don't freak.  The fix is simple.  Have to enter bios and turn off Network booting, turn off Secure Boot and turn off Fastboot.  Annoying Intel hasn't seem to get this particular issue resolved but it is not a death blow.