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computer started to get slow

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Unfortunately my computer intel nuc8 (NUC Kit NUC8i7HNK) started to get slow especially in heavy softwares like visual studio that requires a lot of memory usage.


The strangest thing, when I look at memory utilization I do not see that utilizing everything usually reaches 12 out of 16 Gb ram, 3200 Mhz.


The second issue is - when i look at the performance in Task manager I see down memory slots used always on 1 of 2, is it ok ?


I would very much like to upgrade to a new computer with an 11th generation processor, the question is whether it's really time? Or do I just need to replace the memory cards with 2X16? Which will give me a few more years of good performance ? 

Any recommendations on suitable memory cards ?

Thanks !



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If you want to be 100% sure, you would buy a kit of two identical RAM sticks, as Leon mentioned.

However, since you already know you have one Kingston 16GB card, it shouldn't be that hard to go on the Kingston website (or email Kingston with the serial number) and find one to match the one you have, since a 16GB card isn't cheap ... it's more than Starbucks coffee money!





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I would look at what software he has and what AV he is using.


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@LeonWaksman Hi Leon, you might have missed this post above  ... do you have an opinion on this?

"If you (Alon) already have 16GB, adding more RAM probably won't make your NUC noticeably faster ... you might be better off to buy a new computer."


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Hi @ClariceStarling 

I didn't missed any post here. I don't see any point to keep this discussion since the thread was closed by the author and the resolution accepted. If Alon have more questions, he need open a new thread.

I agree however that adding an additional memory module may not noticeably improve the performance (it may in games).  You may read Dual-channel vs. Single-channel, does it matter? Alon asked about double channel mode and he got answer.  Since his computer performance decreased with time, the problem is probably in software or firmware (Windows, drivers, BIOS). I think that buying a new NUC is not necessary, since Hades Canyon NUC8i7HNK is quite powerful. It has I7-8705G Processor and in addition has Radeon RX Vega Discrete Graphics chip. Alon should check if the drivers and BIOS are updated and Windows installation as well.

In this link there is a list of Intel Validated Memory for this NUC. By saying this, I don't have any more to add in this thread.



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I don't understand how you have a (NUC Kit NUC8i7HNK) if you bought it closed and complete.   If it was complete at the factory, it wouldn't be a kit ... right?   If it was put together by one of those third party resellers that sell on Amazon or something like that, you can't be sure what they put in there!

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Hello @shreyakith 

Why to not give a link to the site instead of copy the information?