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erratic mouse behavior


I have a NUC model i5SNUC6YH that started giving me problems with my Logitech Trackman Marble Trackball. The problem is with the left mouse button behavior. Dragging to select text or to move/size windows is nearly impossible as the button seems to release or double-click on its own even while I am firmly holding the button. It started happening a few months ago and figured it was the trackball being old. So I threw it away and used my spare that I have for another computer that is rarely used.

This worked fine for a couple of months then started to act up the same way. I have tried a traditional wired mouse (Dell brand, optical) and the problem isn't as frequent, but still happens time to time.

I have tried switch USB ports, rebooted the PC, even tried using the ports on my Plugable 3900 (used to connect dual monitors). But the problem seems to be getting worse.

I'm running Windows 10 Pro (Version:"10.0.16299 Build 16299").

BIOS Version/Date:"Intel Corp. SYSKLi35.86A.0042.2016.0409.1246 , 04/09/2016 12:00 AM"

I've seen lots of posts on the web about the contact switches in the trackman being crap, but the problem can be seen with a regular mouse as well.

Any thoughts?


Rich P

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Thank you very much for contacting the Intel Communities Team, QuadGuy. I will be more than happy to assist you.



I can see that your BIOS is outdated. Click here to download the 0067 BIOS version and, in order to complete the installation, please follow these steps:




Antony S.
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Hello, QuadGuy.



I would like to know if you still need assistance. If so, please do not hesitate to reply to this thread.




Antony S.