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how to turn off power to speaker same time when Intel NUC7i7 computer turns off?

My speaker power stays on after turn off my NUC7i7BNKG turned off.

Please help me to turn off power to my speaker same time when I turn off my NUC7i7BNKG.

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The NUC does not have any way that it can tell the speakers to power off. There are two scenarios to look at:

  1. If you are powering the speakers via USB, then by configuring the NUC's BIOS to not power USB while in S5, then the speakers will be powered off (will lose power) when the NUC is shut down. Correspondingly, when the NUC is powered back on, the speakers would again be powered automatically.
  2. If you are powering the speakers via AC, you could plug the speakers into AC via an Internet-of-Things (IOT) Smart Power Socket. These can be obtained fairly cheaply; here is a (US$13) example: TanTan Smart Plug WiFi Wireless Mini Socket Outlet. With appropriately-crafted software, the NUC could tell the socket to drop power to the speakers. Unfortunately, I have no idea whether such software is readily available (if someone from the IOT world can answer this, feel free to step in).

Hope this helps,


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Hello Jaykay,



I hope you found the information provided by N. Scott Pearson useful. Please let us know if you need any further help.



Wanner G.


I replied a thanks letter to Mr. Pearson's respods but I don't see it here.

Yes it was helpful. I purchased Air Mouse and TAN TAN smart socket ($13) to turn on/off speakers that means I have 2 remote controllers and an iPad (one for TV monitor, iPad for speaker and one for computer). The Air mouse purchase was to have compact keyboard with a hope to turn on my Intel NUC7i7 remotely but it did not work. I hoped the Air Mouse will do all at the beginning but no cigar.

I hope someone out there has better solution to accomplish this.

Thanks for the follow up.