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intel nuc5i7ryh dead?

Hi all,

Hope someone can help me revive my intel nuc5i7ryh. Last few months I got black screen after booting. Few secs off and on. After 3 or 4 times it stopped. But things got worst, it's happened more often.
- I bought a new adapter, didn't change anything.
- it got worse and updated the bios, no changes
- I installed a new Windows version, all seemed to be ok now.
- after rebooting 2 or 3 times, same thing happened! Especially after installing all Intels drivers updates, it seems! Things got even worse, Windows didn't boot anymore.
- now also the ssd m.2 is not found anymore in the bios
- from there the black screen even appeared when being in the bios! Screen doesn't turn on them anymore.
- I bought extra ram memory, no changes
- I bought a new ssd card, samsung 980 pro, 250gb.
- after installing those 2 new compents and booting to bios, screen got black again (ssd is not in the boot menu btw!!) and no turning on.
- when turning on the nuc, screen stays black, I don't even see the bios anymore.

Edit: I added a picture of the 2 ram memories. I thought I bought the same one but theres 1 small difference. One says M16FN and the other one something else, does that matter...?
Even with only the old ram or no ram insert at all, it doesn't boot anything.

Did it die....? Can we revive...?

I'm from The Netherlands btw, sorry for any grammer errors.

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First of all, if you truly feel that your grasp of the English language is not strong enough to communicate effectively, then don't. We can use translators to read other languages (just make sure you are as verbose as possible). Regardless, there is never any need for you to apologize.

Secondly, the symptoms do not lead themselves to the conclusion being that there is a memory problem.  Similarly, not seeing the SSD when in BIOS Setup (Visual BIOS) does not necessarily mean that the SSD is not working; I have seen cases where this happens temporarily because of parameter change.

Finally, are you sure that you are not booting? It sounds like you are having the issue where the video output fails. It may be booting but you cannot tell because the video is not working. This issue typically (in the two or three similar cases I have seen) happens with the HDMI output. Have you tried using the secondary (mini-DisplayPort) connector instead of the HDMI connector?



Hi Scott,

Thank you for replying.

I'm already using the mini display. I do not know why anymore to be honest. Must have had problems with the hdmi in the past but I could try. Let me test in a few hours and let you know the result.
So I tries the hdmi, but there is nothing happening
What's also different, normally I normally needed a hard boot I had to press the power button for a few seconds, but now it's just one small press and it's power off again.
I'm really out of options, hope someone else has any other ideas?
One more thing, I just gave it another try and it booted! Untill after the bios it said 'searching for media presence'. As Windows is not installed yet I went back to the bios, but then the screen got red and black. The red is the Resson why I didn't used the hdmi anymore I now remember.
All with all, I think the inboars videocard is broken, what do you think? Is the motherboars replaceable or not?
So more updates, I cleaned the motherboard, blaat away some dust. It's wasnt that much but it helped it seems.... I'm flabber gasted. But still the ssd m.2 seems broken. I installed Windows on the sata 3 disk which now works fine I think. Not even a black screen anymore.
But the ssd m.2 isnt found any where, also not in the bios. Anyone who can help with this?
Also the ramm memory thing is still strange.
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1. Check the old SSD (instead Samsung 980 Pro, which is NVMe PCIe Gen 4 drive, could be not compatible with your NUC?). Reset BIOS to default settings (F9(Y) and then F10(Y)).

2. Clean the Thermal Solution as shown on this video clip.





Hi Leon,


1. I did, but the SSD is not visible in the bios, neither in windows


2. I did this earlier and since then I have a visual again. Installed windows on the slow hard disk (like I go back ages haha).


Really hope to get the SSD back with help of you guys.


Edit: with the last re-install of windows and then downloading and installing all intel nuc drivers, it went totally wrong with the ssd. After the next start up all the problems got way worse and screen losses.





Hello @BeNbEn-NL

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We hope that the assistance provided by the community has been helpful. Also, we would like to inform you that due to the Intel® NUC Kit NUC5i7RYH has been discontinued, Intel Customer Service no longer supports inquiries for it, but perhaps fellow community members have the knowledge to jump in and help. You may also find the Discontinued Products website helpful to address your request.

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After that (useless) message from our sponsor, we can continue with the discussion...

Where to start. You replaced the SSD. You replaced the DRAM. You switched to the DisplayPort monitor connection. I hate to say it but it's time to say that the problem is the unit itself and that it has reached the end of its road. It is unclear what caused this, but the unit is simply not running well enough to even investigate.