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intel nuc6i7kyb - bios post is not successful with samsung monitor in splitscreen mode


Good day,

we use in our office rooms some Intel Nuc's of the type nuc6i7kyk. On two of these computers is a Samsung monitor type C49HG9x. This is used in splitscreen mode and is connected to the NUC once via HDMI and once via mini Displayport. We have observed for some time now that this constellation causes the NUC to hang during the BIOS POST and constantly reboots. For this reason we have now updated the BIOS to version 0074 which is the latest version according to the download center. Unfortunately, this has brought no improvement. As soon as the monitor is connected via HDMI and Mini DP and the computer is started, this problem occurs. If the Mini DP cable is disconnected from the NUC so that the monitor is only connected via HDMI, the BIOS POST runs successfully and the computer boots. After that, the Mini DP cable can be reconnected. But this is not a solution. Once the BIOS POST passes successfully, the BIOS shows me the following: "BIOS has detected unsuccessful POST attempt(s)." In the BIOS, HDMI was set as the primary output and Mini DP as the secondary. This also brought no improvement. We also tried "None" for the secondary. This also brought no difference. Is there another solution here? It seems to be a BIOS bug.

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Did you start using the default Auto settings?



Yes, we have reset the BIOS on both computers to the default settings. This also brought no improvement. We even performed a BIOS recovery, which also did nothing.


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So it works fine connected to only HDMI. What about only DP?