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nuc10i7fnh cannot output surround sound. windows does not detect more than 2 useable channels.



just bought this NUC and tried to play movies with surround sound and noticed only stereo was being passed through regardless of my settings in kodi or vlc player.

After checking settings windows says under intel display audio properties, under supported formats that the max number of channels are 2.

My nuc10i7fnh is hooked up directly to my lg oled65c7 tv with hdmi which inturn is hooked up to my marantz sr 5006 receiver via ARC.

I'm running windows 10 pro.

I have already updated HDMI driver via this support site and tried to update sound drivers but nothing has changed. 

Please help. Need surround sound.

greetings Ross.

I've also checked in the bios if HD audio was enabled and it is.


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My first comment would be: the normal path is PC <--> Receiver <--> TV. Have you tried that configuration? In the meantime, I will haul my FN over to my HT setup and try this; I have request to do so using DN NUC as well, so will kill two birds with one stone...


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Thank you for trying, did not want to go nuc receiver tv because receiver can't passthrough 4k. But i was frustrated and i have returned the nuc. So maybe you can try to find a solution for other users, but for me its too late.

Many thanks.
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