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nuc5i7ryh wont start, no screen


After a power outage the NUC wont start again!

  • The blue LED is lit and solid; no blinks
  • No boot screen i presented (connected to the DP)
  • The fan is spinning (in a silent mode)
  • Only one of the LAN led:s are blinking (lower right corner is blinking green, lower left is off)
  • Checked voltage from power agg (which is approx 17v)

I have tried to:

  • remove the SSD and reboot -- no change
  • remove the RAM and reboot -- no change (not even 3 blinks on the blue main led)

Does anyone have an idea?

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If you have Windows 10 Pro and you've previously enabled support for Remote Desktop, then you can verify whether the NUC is actually booting successfully. If it is, then you are in the same boat as a couple of other folks here who have reported that their HDMI interface died after a power outage. Your only alternative at this point (and this is available as something to try if you didn't have Windows 10 Pro and RD enabled) is to get a mDP-to-HDMI adapter so that you can connect your monitor via the mDP connector.




Well since the machine do not start, I wont have access to any remote capability (and it's a Linux box that normally works as a server)
And since it do not start, I cant "ping" it since no network... (hence I cant do SSH or Remote Desktop)

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What to try next is a CMOS reset. This means popping the board at least part way out of the chassis and unplugging the CR2032 battery cable from the board for 15 minutes. 

I should say that I am also concerned by that 17V output from the power brick; that's not within 5%. You might want to try another power brick that is getting to a proper 19V.