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nuc8i5 - Fan rattle\resonance on cold boot- - RMA options in Norway?

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So, the rattle\scraping\resonance on cold boot finally got the best of me. Cant deal with it anymore.


Anyone know what the procedure is in Norway is, either go through shop or intel direct?


The fan is bazb0808r5h, I could get one on ali for a price but I should not have to. I wish intel could just ship a new fan.


The nuc is cleaned, fan cleaned and dust removed from blower. On its own the fan does not make a noise. But on cold boots it "scrapes". Tried using foam between fan-case-lid etc . Have no idea how the sound is produced.

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On this page Support Contact Information for EMEA you may find the local phone number for support in Norway. In addition you have there a link for support request as well.  

I suggest that better try to replace your NUC in the place you bought it, otherwise call the local Intel Support.




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This scraping noise can be caused by the blower's blades rubbing on the cowling of the blower. If you remove the board from the NUC chassis (so you can access the top of the blower), you can then (carefully and gently!) pry up the cowling edges at the blower air inlet and see if you can eliminate the scraping.

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I did contact intel, but shipping the device out of country first is a no go. Easy to deal with rma- import vat etc as a company,private is just a hassle.


I ordered a new fan, and rma it to the shop later when they have stock in ( preferably nuc 11, nuc 10 seems a step down)  Got 5 years of consumer laws, so have to be used for something.

If the fan fixes it.

But intel.....ship out only the fan..really, a known issue and happened also on my nuc 7.

The edges at the bottom?




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