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replace blower for skull canyon nuc6i7kyk

hi.. the fan for the heatsink blower seem to be stop working and i want to replace it..

i will try to find suitable replacement.. but my proble now is i cant saperate the blower and the heatsink unit.. what should i do to archieve that?

already try to remove 3 screw.. not working.. seems glued up.. then tried removed another 4 screw.. still no success.. any idea?

p/s: i dont prefer rma as im from malaysia and the unit bought in us.. and its been a while so i believed no longer in warranty..

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While the blower is a standard part and replacements can be found, its cowling was modified and, as you found, is firmly (if not permanently) attached to the heatpipe unit (to create an air tunnel). It is thus recommended that you go the RMA route. The move from the U.S. to Malaysia will not invalidate your warranty; it is covered world-wide.

Your NUC has a full 3 year warranty, so it should still be good, but you should check here: Determine if Your Product Is Still Under Warranty to verify its state.

Contact information for Intel Customer Support can be found here (for completeness, I am including information for all geographies): @11 Intel Customer Support Contact Information for US and Canada Intel Customer Support Contact Information for Europe, Middle East and Africa Intel Customer Support Contact Information for Asia-Pacific Intel Customer Support Contact Information for Latin America

You can also try using the Intel Customer Support Chat Service, but this is limited to English-only and the PST TZ 9-5 business hours.

Hope this helps,