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touchscreen over eDP

I'm about to evaluate the NUC7i5DN for a product of ours. We will be interfacing to an 40pin eDP display panel.

The panel B133HAK01.0 has a built in touchscreen that supposedly communicates over the eDP interface. B133HAK01.0 AU Optronics Corp. |

Has anyone used the touchscreen over eDP?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Community Manager

Hello MDTexas,



Thank you for contacting us regarding the compatibility inquiries that you have, it will be more than a pleasure to provide you with feedback about this matter.


Based on the link that you provided for the touch screen and its specifications, it should actually be compatible with the 40pin eDP display panel of the NUC7i5DN.


In a theoretic manner, as long as you have the right drivers from the screen manufacturer the device should communicate just fine with our unit.


I strongly recommend you to contact the OEM of the screen to make sure that they have the proper drivers for the OS that will be installed in the Intel NUC7i5DN.


As well we appreciate if you post the results in the thread so other peers from the community will take your post as a reference for future inquiries.




Hope this helps.


Best Regards,


Diego S.