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turn on 2 tvs by HDMI. What model


I need an intel nuc to be able to turn on with a pc, two TVs. by ARC.
What model can you use the two hdmi to turn on a television? 

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Look for devices that support HDMI-CEC (it really has nothing to do with ARC/eARC as that is specifically designed for audio flow "back" from the TV to a soundbar or similar while video is passing through the same device). I believe this predominantly starts with the NUC7 boxes.


It's important to understand, too, that the device you are directly connecting to needs to support pass through of the CEC controls. I have a Raspbery Pi 3B that I can connect directly to my Sony Bravia TV and control all aspects of not only the TV but also the soundbar which is directly connected to the TV as well. When the Pi powers on, it turns on the TV. The TV is configured to automatically power on the sound bar since that's it primary audio output device. As the Pi is booting up, I have a script that runs to change the HDMI input to that of the Pi and then passes through commands to turn the sound bar off (since there isn't any audio from the Pi).