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video drivers on NUC 7i3bnh


I own an old NUC 7i3bnh in the past I had problems with video drivers but later here on this community I was given a way to uninstall the legacy drivers and put the new DHCs. For some time things went well but from a certain update onwards the system is back with the old legacy drivers. It has now drivers from a long time and even running the Intel driver assistant no more updates are offered in the last 2 years: rightly so? is this NUC definitely frozen with these video drivers? or do I need a manual update procedure again? In this case can you help me? Thanks in advance
A. Corallo

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The BN NUCs, for some reason (I have never seen an explanation), required a customization to the standard graphics driver. When the DCH-architected drivers arrived, the support for this customization was not included (my guess: they froze the code for the DCH work before the release of the BN customization). Now, for most people (me included), the DCH-architected drivers have worked just fine. A small number of folks had issues because the customization was not present - and they have had to continue to use the .6286 release.

It sounds like, at one point, you had made the switch to the DCH-architected drivers and didn't see any issues. You could again switch to the DCH-architected drivers if you wish. The process for doing so is fairly simple:

  1. Download - but do not attempt to install just yet - the DCH-architected driver package you want to try. I suggest you try the .7985 version first (available here:, but you can also try the latest (available here: if you wish.
  2. Disconnect the NUC from the Internet. Unplug your Ethernet cable and/or disable Wireless.
  3. From the Apps and Features applet, uninstall the Intel Graphics Driver package.
  4. Reboot, keeping Internet disconnected.
  5. Install the DCH-architected graphics driver package that you downloaded in Step 1.
  6. Reboot.
  7. Reconnect the NUC to the Internet. Plug the Ethernet cable back in and/or enable Wireless.
  8. Test.

Hope this helps,


P.S. Words to the wise: Note that Step 3 is only available in the pre-DCH driver packages. Once you are on DCH-architected drivers, you must use Device Manager (perhaps multiple times) to do the uninstall.


Thanks for the reply. It is exactly as you say; and to me the DCH drivers worked even better because it was not necessary as with the current ones to correct the size of the TV screen. I remember the maneuvers you gently repeated to me. However using the Intel driver support assistant it will happen again that these current drivers will be installed automatically; in short, will I then have to be very careful and do manual upgrades?

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Yes, you will need to block the driver from being updated automatically. I won't provide instruction on how to do this here as there are all sorts of places on the Internet that provide this information.