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when nuc 12 will be available to public?


could you extend on availability of nuc 12 , please?


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I am sorry but, for the most part, the answer is No.

First of all, the Customer Support agents are not allowed to speculate regarding the feature sets or delivery schedules for future Intel products. There are sites that have shown leaked roadmap documents that can fill you in on feature sets and rough schedules.

Secondly, since the NUC products are sold through the distribution channels, Intel actually has no control over how long it will take for the products released by Intel to make it into the hands of the individual storefronts. Similarly, Intel has no control over, or knowledge of, the volumes received by individual storefronts. If you want to hit up the distributors for what they know, here are some pages you can consult for contact information: Intel NUC Ecosystem Partner Solutions and Intel Authorized Distributors and Approved Suppliers.