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Can I Use Intel Optane With Secondary Drive Separate From Dual Boot Primary Drive



I am currently working on making a new part list that I will hopefully get to complete soon! I have looked around the forums and I haven't found a question with this exact scenario which might affect a few aspects of the already asked questions. So far my plan for this upcoming PC will have a primary boot M.2 SSD (This will NOT need to be accelerated). I plan to install a few operating systems on this SSD. Then I will have 2 different Hard Drives as secondary storage for my Windows part of the system, one for programs and one for games (these 2 drives will be Windows only). I'm not sure if this will affect anything but I'll include it just in case, I might get an SSHD for the programs and use a larger HDD for games, in this case I would not need to accelerate the SSHD. I will also install a third hard drive for the other 2 operating systems (I do not care to accelerate this one as the operating systems would not be compatible with Optane). Is it possible for me to only use the Optane for Hard Drives 1 and 2 (Unless I get an SSHD then I will only need to accelerate 1 of them) (Drives 1 and 2 would be Windows Only) Or at least one of them (As I am not sure if there is support for Multi-Drive acceleration) and have them be accelerated? Or is dualbooting going to make this impossible. Also please let me know if you would like me to clarify something .



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Hello HaroldC,



Thank you for contacting Intel Technical Support.



To answer to your questions, please find the information included on the " Frequently Asked Questions for Intel® Optane™ Memory" and the " Frequently Asked Questions about Installation and Configuration for Intel® Optane™ Memory" below:



1. What is the complete list of software and hardware requirements for the Intel® Optane™ memory series for system acceleration?



The SATA boot drive you're accelerating must contain:


• GPT partition


• 512B Sector format


• Windows® 10 64-bit operating system with at least 5 MB of continuous unallocated space at the end of the boot volume





• PCIe* NVMe* drives aren't supported for system acceleration


• Secondary/Data drives are supported for system acceleration with software version or later only. For more information, see here.


• A single SATA drive with multiple operating systems isn't supported with system acceleration. We don't recommend this use, and we don't guarantee results. See the full requirements in the User and Installation Guide.


• Dual OS Boot systems--systems with more than one storage drive, each containing an OS--aren't supported and results can't be guaranteed.



2. Can I enable system acceleration on my SATA drive that contains more than one volume (for example, a boot volume and a data volume)?



System acceleration of a SATA drive that contains one boot partition/volume and also data partitions/volumes is supported.



A SATA drive with multiple boot partitions/volumes isn't a supported configuration or use case. Results can't be guaranteed and we don't recommend the configuration.



3. I intend to have multiple operating systems on my system across multiple drives. Can Intel® Optane™ memory boost the performance of multiple drives?



• No, Intel® Optane™ memory can accelerate one SATA-based drive.



We hope you find this information useful.



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Josh B.


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Hello HaroldC.



Thank you for having contacted Intel Technical Support.



We have not heard from you since our last communication and we would like to know if you need further assistance or if we can close this case?



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Josh B.


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