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Issues with latest version of rst driver Msi 270 m5 gaming


HI there

used to work with the standard optane achi driver

it was a pain because every boot the system copied files to the cache drive

making my old kingston uv300 sata 256 gb ssd even slower to boot

installed latest motherboard firmware v 1.70 MSI 270 M5 GAMING

and switched to built in optane genie mode in bios

then reinstalled windows 10 with the new rst driver

now system boots quick but sometimes takes forever to shutdown

also it detects the keyboard and mouse a few seconds after boot

with that anoying usb detection sound too

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Community Manager

Hello danilop2k2,



We understand you're experiencing issues with system acceleration and Optane™ Memory on your MSI* Z270 GAMING M5 Motherboard.



In order to investigate this issue we would like get the following information:



1. Download and run the Intel® System Support Utility.


1. Select the option to scan "everything."


2. On step three, choose to save the report into a file.


2. The output from the System Information Console.


1. Right click on the start menu icon.


2. Select "Run" from the access list.


3. Type "MSINFO32.exe" then press OK.


4. On the System Information window, go to File > Export. Save this report to a known location.


3. A screenshot showing your Disk Management console setup.


4. For testing purposes, would it be possible to disable system acceleration, uninstall and then switch to the previous RST version? If so, does the issue disappear?



To enable attachments, make sure to use the "advanced editor" (top right) while replying.



We look forward to hearing back from you.



Best regards,


Carlos A.

it is the known issue of intel management engine driver

disabling it shutdowns fine

you really should update this drivers ,

complainings are all over the web for this issue of slow shutdown !

Community Manager

Hello danilop2k2,



Thank you for the update. We'll make sure to report this from our end as well.



If you need further assistance, please let us know.



Best regards,


Carlos A.