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Million dollar question, can intel optane support MSI GT73VR 7RE - 2.8GHz Intel Core i7-7700HQ?



So... I asked in the MSI forums.. msg1626481 Can you add a optane caching drive to MSI GT73VR Titan Gaming laptop? (HTML Link), and I am still curious as I have still have 2x M.2 SSD (NVMe PCIe slots) so my question is will it work?

Thank you, I hope to get a answer. I see that it supports i7 7700 but does say about what version if HQ.



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Hello Silentspanky,



We understand you would like to know if you can use our Intel® Optane™ Memory Technology in your MSI GT73VR Titan Gaming Laptop.



First of all, you need to know that Intel® Optane™ Memory Technology was first launched to be used in desktop systems only, so far we have not received news about the use of this technology on laptops yet.



Even though your system meets most of the requirements, it is important to let you know that for you to be able to use Intel® Optane™ Memory Technology, you need to go to the manufacturer's system website and check for the latest BIOS update (This one should include support for Intel® Optane™ Memory Technology).



You can verify this information in the following link, page 3, question 9.





Nestor C
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