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When I enable optane to accelerate my 4TB HDD, it is initially fine. But it starts to flag A SMART error. I thought maybe the drive was failing but after uninstalling optane for a while, the error went away. Could optane CAUSE a false flag during POST?


Mobo: Rampage VI Extreme Omega

Boot: Adata SX8200 Pro

Storage: Seagate ST4000DM005

Optane: 32GB

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Download, install and then run the Intel System Support Utility. Once it completes its collection process, click on Save and save a copy of its results file. Attach this file to a response message using the Attach (paper clip) icon below the message edit box.


We'll look at the results and see what we can see.



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It is looking like a faulty power supply wreaking havoc on the system, showing up as intermittent issues throughout. It was used on my X99 build for years so I didn't expect it to be an issue, but something must have happened. It was an AXi 860W which seems to have a little bit of a reputation. I replaced it with an RMi 1000W. Nasty little coil whine on startup, I am guessing from the transformer or capacitors, but it is quiet the rest of the time with no random shutdowns (yet).


Now, the optane and drive show up as a single optane drive everywhere except for BIOS and SMART checking can only be done on the drive in the BIOS. That appears to be as it should. The drive is very unstable in terms of how it well benchmarks, but it is still typically quite good.

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