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5800x optane


from multiple articles out there, Intel has decided to discontinue consumer Optane SSDs.


looking back at the p4800x and p4801x, they come in multiple form factor such as HHHL, U.2 and M.2 22110.  But the p5800x only has U.2, when will we see other form factor for the new optane device, ie. M.2 form factor?

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Hi @olenbr 

Are you asking for Intel® Optane™ memory H10 with solid state storage?





Hey @LeonWaksman 

Not the optane memory H10, thats for consumer and it is 2280 m.2 form factor.

optane has been discontinued for consumer afaik, I am talking about the P4801x for data center.


P4801x optane has M.2 22110 form factor, shown here:


the P5800x is the direct successor of 4800 optane series but currently only has U.2 2.5" form factor, when will Intel release M.2 22110 for 5800x?


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There is an outside chance that there will be a M.2 22110 version of the P5800X but I doubt it will happen.

I use 2 800P Optane drives in RAID 0 on 2 different systems and the performance is pretty awesome, capacity is also acceptable but those drives are discontinued and the 815P replacements were canceled before launch.


I would caution against the 2 in 1 H series drives that use Optane and NAND as your PC still does the cache processing, the M.2 port requires bifurcation to even use the drives as intended and this is an Intel only technology meaning AMD systems will simply see the H series as 2 different drives.


It is what it is and Optane just isn't being made for consumers, even if the enthusiasts want it.

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