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P5810x 400gb SSDPF21Q400GA01


Good afternoon,

Some news outlets published that the P5810X, specifically the 400gb U.2 version, was released last December.  Some retails have these listed, but does not appear that any have received stock yet.  Intel has also sold their SSD division to Solidigm and shuttered Optane development.

Will the P5810X reach the market, and if so, an estimate timeframe?

I can find much in the way if there's just longer lead times, delay, or even a cancelation.

Thank you,

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Hello, Servos.

Good day,

Thank you for posting on the Intel Community Support forum.

In this particular case, it is necessary to contact the official resellers/distributors so they can provide you this information because our customer and technical support channels do not not have insight on product availability at IPA or Distributor level, and we also do not sell directly to customers nor allocate products for them.

Select the location where you wish to see distributors:

If this is for a large order or a company project, please let me know the expected budget or number of units to be required, and I may be able to connect you with inside sales directly, but if this is not the case, contacting the resellers is the best option.

I will proceed to close the thread on March 21st if there is no confirmation about further assistance being required.


Bruce C.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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Thank you for the reply.  Understandable about product distribution.
I've reached out to three larger resale distributers, but no luck on finding out anything more on the status or availability on the product.

Only interested in one drive for a personal project.  As the last optane/ xpoint drive, the product seems quite interesting.  The 750, 900p, and 4800 used so far been interesting to test and use.

I'll wait and hopefully the drives reach resellers.

Thank you,


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The drive definitely exists; as I am currently using the SSDPF21Q400GA01 drive. But, I had to wait almost 2 months for it after ordering direct from a distributor (Provantage), who facilitated a drop-ship.  You'll probably have to do the same until resellers get their stock.  The best advice that I can give is to search by exact model number, as the only distributors that I could find made no mention of the p58xxx naming, and would only go by the full "ordering code" as listed on intel's support page. 

Here is a list of order codes for easy reference:


  SSDPF21Q800GA01 = p5810x 800GB
  SSDPF21Q400GA01 = p5810x 400GB
  SSDPFV1Q800GB01 = p5801x 800GB
  SSDPFV1Q400GB01 = p5801x 400GB


Let me know if anyone wants to see benchmarks.

Also, for anyone who does get their hands on one, you'll want to update the drivers.  Mine capped at 5000mb/s write until I did that.