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6264 (8 bits x 8k blocks) SRAM VHDL Code


Hello friends, how are you?


I'm working on a project and I'd like to add the 6264 (8 bits x 8k blocks) SRAM inside at the FPGA with these VHDL code provided by Cypress.


When compiling, I'm getting these errors:


Warning (10350): VHDL warning at standard.vhd(71): ignored VHDL standard library NOW function, which is not supported for synthesis
Error (10302): VHDL attribute error at cy6264.vhd(180): attribute "event" that is used for multiple bits is not synthesizable
Error (10658): VHDL Operator error at cy6264.vhd(180): failed to evaluate call to operator ""and""
Error (12152): Can't elaborate user hierarchy "cy6264:U24"


I looked for the error about the event attribute and std_logic_vector. I'd like to know how to correct the code to be fully synthesizable. Other minor errors I already solved.



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Hi @jrcmilanez 


Sorry for the late reply. May I know do you able to solve your issue? 

Do you still need help in regards to this case? 


Best Regards,

Richard Tan

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