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AOC issue: Assert failure at PickLocalMemConfig.cpp(1209)



I'm currently facing an error when trying to compile my openCL kernel: "Error: Assert failure at PickLocalMemConfig.cpp(1209)" 


It seems to be related with inferring local registers for the kernel. When I cut some part of my program, the compilation may run normally. However, I couldn't find a single line that could be responsible but it rather seems to be related with global optimization... 


I've attached the log file, I'm also running the "Version 14.0 Build 200" as it is the only one compatible with my board. 


Thanks for your answers, 

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It is not possible to know why compilation crashes happen because the compiler is closed and only Altera knows how it works. You should try the kernel on the latest version of AOC. If it works, it means Altera has already fixed the problem and you have no choice but to ask your board manufacturer to update their BSP. If not, you should open a service request with Altera directly and report the bug. 


P.S. if you are using a Stratix V board and not an SoC board, it is quite likely that the latest version of AOC will still be compatible with your old BSP.