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ASE Simulation Syntax Error(?)




I am trying to run ASE simulation for AAL application (which is an on-going project, cannot switch to OPAE right now). When I "make" the simulation side, once it worked and started to wait for the software part. However when I tried to run it again, entered the command "make", it gave strange errors that I cannot understand. I am pretty sure that I used the same environment variables.



-- Compiling module twentynm_iopll_ip

-- Compiling module altera_iopll_rotation_lcells

-- Compiling module altera_pll_dps_lcell_comb

-- Compiling module iopll_bootstrap

-- Compiling package ccis_if_pkg

-- Compiling package ccis_if_funcs_pkg

-- Importing package ccis_if_pkg

-- Compiling package ccip_if_funcs_pkg

-- Importing package ccip_if_pkg

** Error: (vlog-13069) ** while parsing file included at /export/fpga/bbb/src/intel-fpga-bbb-20181101/BBB_cci_mpf/hw/sim/../rtl/cci-mpf-if/

** at /export/fpga/bbb/src/intel-fpga-bbb-20181101/BBB_cci_mpf/hw/sim/../rtl/cci-mpf-if/cci_mpf_platform.vh(139): near "**": syntax error, unexpected **, expecting class.

** Error: ** while parsing file included at /export/fpga/bbb/src/intel-fpga-bbb-20181101/BBB_cci_mpf/hw/sim/../rtl/cci-mpf-if/

** at /export/fpga/bbb/src/intel-fpga-bbb-20181101/BBB_cci_mpf/hw/sim/../rtl/cci-if/ (vlog-13006) Could not find the package (cci_mpf_if_pkg). Design read will continue, but expect a cascade of errors after this failure. Furthermore if you experience a vopt-7 error immediately before this error then please check the package names or the library search paths on the command line.

** Error: (vlog-13069) ** while parsing file included at /export/fpga/bbb/src/intel-fpga-bbb-20181101/BBB_cci_mpf/hw/sim/../rtl/cci-mpf-if/

** at /export/fpga/bbb/src/intel-fpga-bbb-20181101/BBB_cci_mpf/hw/sim/../rtl/cci-if/ near "r": syntax error, unexpected IDENTIFIER, expecting ')'.

** Error: (vlog-13069) ** while parsing file included at /export/fpga/bbb/src/intel-fpga-bbb-20181101/BBB_cci_mpf/hw/sim/../rtl/cci-mpf-if/

** at /export/fpga/bbb/src/intel-fpga-bbb-20181101/BBB_cci_mpf/hw/sim/../rtl/cci-if/ near "r": syntax error, unexpected IDENTIFIER, expecting ')'.


There are 193 errors and they are all similar. I tried to access another node, however it still remains in the same node which is "vsl003".


Can you please help me with this problem.

Thank you in advance.

Kaan Akyol

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Currently I am reviewing the forum for any open questions and found this thread. I apologize that no one seems to answer this question that you posted. Since it has been a while you posted this question, I'm wondering if you have found the answer? If not, please let me know, I will try to assign/find someone to assist you. Please do expect some delay in response as most of our agents are out of office due to the year-end holidays. Thank you.







This Error seems like Modelsim can't recognize the syntax did you tried to look at the codes pointed in Error message ?

How is the simulation scripts generated, is the correct command used for compilation like "-sv" switch for system verilog code.


You may refer to my reply in another thread related to AAL.