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Altera Pll error message. (Error: WTH!!!/n while executing "parse_tcl_data)

Honored Contributor II
1,126 Views I am trying to create a 1kHz output using cascaded clocks.  


I however get this error message in both 17.0 and 17.1. 


Error: WTH!!!/n while executing "parse_tcl_data $rule_name $reference_list" (procedure "my_set_rbc_check" line 21) invoked from within "my_set_rbc_check OUTPUT_CLOCK_FREQUENCY $param_args" (procedure "get_advanced_pll_legality_solved_legal_pll_values" line 21) invoked from within "get_advanced_pll_legality_solved_legal_pll_values $device_part $ref_clk [get_parameter_value output_clock_frequency$val] $fractional_vco_multiplier $c..." (procedure "validation_callback" line 264) invoked from within "validation_callback" 


Here is what I have setup.  

Any advice appreciated!  

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Honored Contributor II

It's impossible to read the screenshots you've taken, but my guess would be that you've selected incompatible parameter settings.

Honored Contributor II


I chose to actually use 100Mhz and play with settings till I got errors to go away.  


I ended up having to multiply and divide off 100Mhz clock and string out 5 divide by 10's to actually get it to compile.  


Divide by M with a Multiply N of 1 didn't seem to ever want to work.  


I just played with M/N and multiple C's to get something to not error.  


N of 1 didn't want to ever work. 

Top frequency of 50Mhz didn't really want to work either.  


Thanks for the reply.