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Arria 10-PAC RTL AFU, want to find the DDR Bandwidth


I just got access to intel DevCloud. I am trying to port my soft-Controller in the Arria-10 FPGA PAC board using Quartus to find the DDR Bandwidth. I am following the steps described in the Post:-

But I am not able to go past 3.1 Initial Setup.

3.1 Initial Setup

Run the devcloud_login function and connect to an Arria 10 capable node. This function is available in the script: /data/intel_fpga/ .

The next command >>devcloud_login doesn't work, it doesn't ask me the Options 1 through 5 to allocate a Node.

Hence, the "" also doesn't work.

Any other method to use Arria-10 Board to port Soft Controller to find DDR bandwidth, are also welcome.


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