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Baremetal GCC toolchain only available on Free Soc EDS, not on licensed version ?


I am trying to build a Baremetal application for a DE10-Standard. 

- According to:  

- Bare-metal GCC is available for the Arm DS5 Community Edition & for the Arm DS-5 Intel SOC FPGA Edition. 


- According to: 

- ARM compiler is supported by the Full ARM DS-5 edition (for all ARM processors) that requires a license, while the GCC is provided by DS-5 Altera Editions which is free. 

=> So if you buy a license, it is no longer possible to select the Baremetal Gcc toolchain when you generate a new C project, the ARM 5 compiler becomes the only option. 


Tests confirm this  

- If i install the free edtion of Soc EDS, i can create a Baremetal GCC project (but i cannot debug it on my DE10, debugger complains: license is missing) 

- If i install the 30 day license of Soc EDS, i can debug an ARM-5 toolchain based project. A GCC baremetal project (genereated with the free edtion) will not compile, toolchain is missing?  


My question: 

- Does anybody know what the background can be to skip the GCC compiler if one pays for a license (conficts of any kind ?) 

- Can I install the GCC baremetal toolchain myself ? If so how ? 

- Will it be possible to debug the Gcc bare metal application over the jtag on my DE10 ? If so, are there any special requirements ? 


Best Regards, 

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