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C9555E: ARM DS-5 Failed to check out an (existing) license.

Honored Contributor II

Hello forum members, 


I am trying to compile a bare metal "hello world" application (

After installing a 30-day evaluation license (today) I see in the "view and edit licenses window"  

A checked (green check) "DS-5 Ultimate Edition (30-day evaluation).lic".  

The link to the license file and the file were automatically generated when I appied for a license from the Arm server. 

So the licensing seems ok, 


The "About window" of Arm DS-5 v5.27.1 Ultimate Edition (Evaluation) is shows: 

Full product installation (win32, x86_64) 

Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM, version: 1.8.0_4 

So the licensing seems ok again, 


However compiling my appication I get: "C9555E failed to check out a license" 

In the "Problems" window? 

Does anybody have any idea what I could do to solve the error? 


Best regards, 

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Honored Contributor II

A tick next to the license file doesn't mean its a valid license, it just means that it can find the license file. 


Is there a dropdown menu below the list of licenses allowing you to select "DS-5 Ultimate"? If so, then it should have detected a valid license. If not, then it hasn't.