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CW ID 11716: ..unused transmit channel..ArriaV Errata Sheet



i use an Arria V GX Starter Kit for my Master thesis. At the moment im trying to get something running on the board. I started a project with an AND gate which has two pushbuttons as inputs and a LED as an output. When i compile that in Quartus II 12.1sp1 i get the critical warning ID 11716: 

"Critical Warning (11716): There are requirements associated with currently unused transmit channel that will be enabled later during the device lifetime. Refer to Arria V Errata Sheet for details about the requirement." 


I searched that mentioned Errata sheet and found: 



I think the problem refers to the chapter "Unused or Idle Transmitter Maximum Data Rate Degradation". Ive already tried the solution with an dummy output like in Figure 4 in that chapter. but the same error. 


Can someone help me to get rid of this error? or have a hint where i could look for a solution? 


Thanks for your help :) 


best regards 

The Master
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